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Young Wexford You Tube Sensation

Chris O'Neill is a  young 23 year old Wexford animator and video game designer. He has achieved 190 million views on his channel 'OneyNG' on You Tube. His earliest success was with a short funny (but risqué) song he got from a friend when he was still in school  -  The Assumption Song . He is also co-creator of the Leo & Satan series in which he also provides the voice of Leo.  Aside from co-creating Leo & Satan, he does other various voices in the series as well as providing sound effects, writing the music, designing the characters etc.

It's not my cup of tea but there appears to be a market out there, esp. in the States, for Chris' sort of animations.

Satan & Leo
Satan & Leo


what sorts of animations do you like?

here is one i love:

That is a beautiful animation and beautiful verses. Thank you.

And in closing the link I came upon that wonderful address by JK Rowling as invited guest-speaker at an university opening day.