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Thinking of Home


Part of the little village of Ballymore Eustace in Kildare where I grew up as a boy. It sits on the bank of the River Liffey.

In 1244 Henry III confirmed it as part of the lands of the archbishops of Dublin. Being just inside the Pale (the area of Dublin in control of the Normans) Ballymore was constantly raided by the Irish O'Tooles and O'Byrnes clans. In 1373 Thomas Fitzoliver FitzEustace was appointed constable of the castle and the name Eustace first became associated with the place.

I left the village for boarding school in Dublin in 1946 when I was 14 years of age. One of my dearest memories of the place is playing the cornet in the local Wolfe Tone Brass and Reed Band. I'm the handsome young fellow with the cornet 3rd from left in seated row.

Brass Band 2


That very Irish combination of brass and reed.

Did Wolf Tone have local connections?
No, Theobald was an Irish "Patriot" of the 1798 rebellion. There was also a "pop" group of the 1960s called the "Wolfe Tones".
I know who he was having studied that rebellion and its songs- just wondered about the band's name and whether there was a connection.

I have most of the Wolftone's albums- rock folk rather than pop. :o)