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The Rite of Spring

My friend next door yesterday celebrated the beautiful weather by playing fortissimo Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring. I'm certainly not a Stravinsky fan and my friend's rendition of his work didn't help me celibrate the first beautiful sun and blue skies of April. I know the work has reached its 100th anniversary this year and wonder why?

To me the work is harsh and violent with no harmony or rhythm that I can appreciate. I'm sure the ballet is excellent, but the music?

I love the colour, beauty and harmony of nature. I'm glad that this love of nature is again being appreciated by Christians and that it is being brought back into Christian rituals. Christianity has a long historical tradition of reflection on nature and human responsibility. I don't think Stravinsky was on the Christian wave-length.

rite of spring
Human sacrifice in the Rite of Spring.


And Disney illustrated Rites with evolution and a dinosaur fight (in Fansasia)!
Thank you - very interesting line of thought for me to follow up.
I don't think Stravinsky was on the Christian wave-length.

Which is surely the point? The Rite of Spring is essentially a pagan celebration of the advent of spring. It doesn't reference Christianity at all - it's roots are far older - in Russian folklore & so forth.

I'm not a fan of the score - it's too harsh for me too & yet there's a beautiful order underlying it. As Nature herself is so ordered? And often harsh?

Just a thought.

Thank you. I appreciate that Stravinsky was writing out of 'pagan' viewpoint. I hope the renewed celebration of creation in Christian ritual does not return to being a mere pagan ritual.
*Smiles* I suspect there may be vast numbers of people who would raise their eyebrows at the idea of 'pagan ritual' being described as 'mere.' :)
I deleted a comment here by accident.
It recommended to check out the following video on the Veneration of the Earth.


I did so and loved this kind of presentation which I have not seen before.

Thank you. Sorry I erased your comment. Athgarvan.
Oh, I LOVE The Rite of Spring! I always play it when I feel the spring coming.

Unfortunately, I first played it in February, and I was wrong:-(