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Active Retirement

Being now well and truly retired at 80+ I spent about two hours this afternoon visiting an exhibition organized in a local hotel by a group called Active Retirement Ireland.

Active Retirement Ireland is a network of local and community based voluntary organisations. The movement’s principal aim is to help men and women who are retired to lead a full, happy and healthy retirement by offering organized opportunities for a wide range of activities - holidays, outings and socials; creative and learning programmes; indoor and outdoor sports and community work. The movement is nationwide, non-political and non-sectarian. Its main issues are, of course, social relationships and health.

I was surprised at the huge number that attended but was disappointed that there were so many travel and tourism stands on view. Do they think that retired people have nothing to do but travel?  Some of the stands - information on health, physical activities, cookery, art, local history, local music and drama events, etc. - were very informative.

Come summer I would hope to see a more active and slimmer me!



my mom and dad (also in their 80's -- my dad's been retired a few years, my mom more recently) have taken up:

. walking (much improved my father's health)

. museum docent work (longtime dream of my mom's)

. continuing education (i think my mom would have been a brain surgeon if the field had been further along when she finished med school; she became a pathologist instead)

. translating out-of-print theatrical and literary works (my father is fluent in five languages, one of which (yiddish) is dying and one of which (hungarian) is relatively obscure)

i think they travel less now than they did before, as holidays were always a time to "get away" and now their days at home are less routine than when they were working!
Isn't that wonderful. Long may they continue to be able to occupy their retirement like that.

My own main activity is also walking although the weather of the last few weeks has curtailed it very much.
thank you! of course it makes me very happy to see my parents doing so well and fulfilling so many dreams and goals.

walking is excellent, possibly the best and most accessible form of healthful exercise :) go you!
Thank you. Go raibh maith agat.
I have been shouting at the radio rather a lot recently. One of my recent rants was occasioned by the Tories telling us retired and semi-retired folk that we should engage more with the community and do voluntary work. "What the b***** h*** do you think we're doing?!" was my response.

At the Welsh group this morning (all of us over 60), there were people who care for elderly parents, a chap who drives the community minibus to take the elderly and disabled out and about, someone who runs a group for local old people, me who also walks a dog so that two elderly ladies can keep their pet for companionship, etc. etc.

OK, we do travel and visit places of interest too, and of course study to broaden our minds, but that's not all we do.
Fair dingum to all of you. Only for such voluntary efforts
what would the world be like?