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Great Surprise for Kerry Church

The priest and congregation of Tralee parish got a great surprise recently to receive a €100,000 gift from a donor in Hong Kong. The woman is not a Catholic and wishes to remain anonymous.

The priest was suspicious when he got a call from Hong Kong asking for the name and number of the parish's bank account so he ignored it. Then a cheque for the amount arrived. Still suspicious he lodged it but did not expect it to be accepted. The bank, however, finally declared the cheque to be valid and credited it to the parish account.

Speaking to the lady later by phone he learned that on a visit to Tralee she had been very much taken by two marble statues of angels at the entrance and had found great solace and consolation in the quiet of the church. The parish will decide how the gift will best be used.



How lovely, bth the statues and the gesture!o
Yes, indeed it was a lovely gesture on the lady's part, especially as she was not of the Catholic faith.
I'm sure many churches regret she did not visit their parish!
That is, indeed, a very beautiful church!