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Bringing Home the Turf on a Connemara Bog

John Hinde, born in Somerset, was a photographer who set up a postcard publishing business in Ireland over 50 years ago. He sold millions of postcards in a series called "Views of Ireland". One of those cards can be seen below.

In it we see two children bringing home turf with a donkey from a bog in Connemara. They were Paddy 'Red' Lydon and his sister, Mary.

Today we read of the death of Paddy, aged 65. May he rest in peace. He never left Connemara but his photo has been seen all over the world! He was unmarried and worked as a carpenter and built small boats called 'currachs'. His sister moved to England.

And who says it's always raining in Connemara?



Such a sweet, nostalgic postcard!

And I say so even if I am glad turf is not widespread as means to heating in the district I live today.

I do not like the smell of burning turf and it was so hard when nappies gathered more and more of this burning turf smell when dried on line outside!

It is illegal to cut turf now for ecological reasons.
It's a lovely postcard!
This brought back memories of a dear man I knew in my childhood. He was from Connemara. He went home to visit and brought me back a connemara blanket. I still have it tucked away.
With the weather we've been having since February it would be an idea to always have a Connemara blanket at hand.

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Such bright colors! Such a patient-seeming donkey. Very nice; thank you for sharing.