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Standing Ovation for Irish President in European Parliament

The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, received a standing ovation for his fiery and hard-hitting address to the European Parliament on Wednesday.

He said people are suffering because of actions and opinions of unaccountable ratings agencies. He warned Europe about a rise in racism, disharmony and loss of social cohesion as policy is dominated by concerns for a powerful financial sector. He described these as the “threatening clouds over Europe” and spoke about the need for the European Union to connect to its citizens.

He said that ordinary citizens "feel that in general terms the economic narrative of recent years has been driven by dry technical concerns; for example, by calculations that are abstract and not drawn from real problems, geared primarily by a consideration of the impact of such measures on speculative markets, rather than driven by sufficient compassion and empathy with the predicament of European citizens who are members of a union, and for whom all of the resources of Europe’s capacity, political, social, economic and intellectual might have been drawn on, driven by the binding moral spirit of a union.”



I have to admit that I have the same concerns about ratings agencies- just who elected these people anyway?
Whoever it was they have really landed us in the soup at the present time. I hope it is not too late to change things.
That's what my husband and I keep saying. How have we ended up in a situation where some self-appointed, unelected group of "experts" ruin economies?
It's not who elected them, but who gave them such power. A thought-provoking precis (tl;dw), at any rate.
Statistics always need a strict tuning. That's why it's doubtful in the most cases. The priests of the numbers can manage the results by they own will, or according to the will of the persons requested the "investigations".
Statistics, statistics, statistics!!!!
How false they can be!
Meanwhile ordinary people suffer.
And it's also sure, that the guilt lays on the request to this statistics.
It's the science of this time. Any axperiment should be aprouved, and this "should" has to be considered as "must".
Exactly. It MUST. The sooner the better.
Whoever it was that stated that there are: 'lies, damned lies and statistics' was bang on the money!