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Have You Ever Tried Your Hand at Tapestry?

I am descended from Donal Caomhánach whose father, Dermot McMurrough, invited the Normans to Wexford in the 12th cent. (1 May 1169) to help him regain power in this part of Ireland. One of their leaders was William Marshall who founded the town of New Ross (present pop. 8,000) on the river Barrow in 1207.

The history of the town of Ross during this Norman period has been depicted in 15 beautiful tapestry panels created by local Wexford people and are exhibited in the town centre. Each panel can be viewed and is described at


Panel 8, below, depicts William Marshall marrying Dermot Mc Murrough's grand-daughter and the fertile lands they possessed.



That is gorgeous. I wish I had the skill to make one.
I understand that it is very complex work. I hope the skills will not be lost.
the story of William Marshall and Isabel de Clare is one I've adored since I first read about it. If I ever get over to the U.K one of the things I'd love to see is Pembroke Castle.

I learnt how to make small tapestries in textile classes at high school, and I am completely in awe of the skill it takes to produce large scale works depicting details so well