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World Earth Day

43 years ago today we celebrated the first Earth Day

This year Earth Day is focusing on Climate Change. It aims to show how peoples and animals are all affected by it, from farmers in dry desert areas to farmers in wet forest areas. We have violent storms, floods and hurricanes. We have extinction of animals, birds, and fish.

But thankfully activists in many parts of the world are challenging massive companies to be more environmentally friendly and there are ordinary people who recycle and re-use as much as possible. People have been fighting against factory pollution, chemical waste, toxic dumps, oil spills and the hunting of wildlife. But there is so much more that can and should be done.

Today in Ireland, 40 students are converging at Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork to engage in a live link-up with NASA as well as other students across the globe. NASA climate scientist Claire Parkinson is explaining how scientists are studying the planet using data from NASA space satellites and instruments.

Earth Day


Earth Day? "Oh, such a perfect day"!

Oh, I didn't know about that day. Thanks for enlightening.
I think, I should listen "Earth song".

Re: Earth Day? "Oh, such a perfect day"!

Yes, "Earth Day" is a wonderful song. It says everything "about us" and care for the earth, doesn't it?
But will we ever learn?

We will care about Earth!

We will - or we will die on our poisoned corrupted earth. It must be obvious for all humans. And it will be, soon, as soon, as nature corrupts more and more by our irresponsible stupid actions, global warming, fuel and other pollution.