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Beano and Dandy

All UK and Irish people of a certain age will remember the wonderful childrens' comics The Beano and The Dandy with their great characters Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger, Desperate Dan, Gnasher, Biffo the Bear, Ivy the Terrible, Lord Snooty, Korky the Cat, Calamity Jane and the rest.
Beano tin
The comics first appeared weekly in 1938, were published in alternate  weeks during the war, and resumed in 1949. Editors of the comics have been George Moonie (1938-1959), Harold Cramond (1959-84), Euan Kerr (1984-2006), and Alan Digby (2006 - 2011). Michael Stirling ?

But after 75 years The Dandy I understand has decided to close print production due to competition from computer games and the internet but will continue on-line. How sad after all those years.

My young grand-nephew (13) has been an avid collector of the comics since his father handed over his large collection to him some years ago. I'm sure it must be a valuable collection by now. Those of the 1940s are especially looked for.


We were always a 'Beano' family.

I particularly loved the 'Bash Street Kids' which is maybe why I ended up teaching! :o)
I only got a few years out of them myself but copies were always about the house when I'd go home. A pity to see them go.