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Who is My Neighbour?

Jesus walks on the waterI am aware that some who read my posts are Catholic like myself, some may be Christian of another persuasion, others may not believe in a God of any kind. All, I'm sure, try to love and want the good of their neighbour according to one's own lights. But who is that "neighbour"? How do I recognise him/her? Do I discriminate?

During this season I am reflecting on some of the Christian Easter stories. One of them tells us of the risen Christ coming towards his apostles walking on the water. They do not recognise him and are afraid.

I also at times have fears of meeting Jesus in other people. I'm afraid that too much will be asked of my time or my attention or my purse! I avoid them. At times I  discriminate between those who 'come towards me' because of their behaviour, their dress, their colour, their beliefs, etc. and use these excuses for failing to help them in their need. Maybe all they need is to be recognised and accepted for what they are.

Sermon over!


Very nice interpretation of the gospel story!
Thank you
My pleasure.
It's a fine sermon and an honest one :o)

I think the question we need to ask ourselves in not 'am I prejudiced?' but 'how prejudiced am I?' and then it's possible to move forward.

Having been the victim of considerable prejudice myself for reasons you are aware of, I found I needed to ask myself this question many years ago and I hope I found an answer as I hope others did with regard to me.

'If thou gaves't ever meat and drink
Any neet and a'
The fire will not make thee shrink
And Christ receive thy soul

But if meat or drink thou ne'er gaves't nane
Any neet an a'
The fire will burn thee to thy bare bane
And Christ receive thy soul'

(from the traditional Scottish ballad 'The Lyke Wake dirge')

I was not familiar with the poem and looked it up. What a fantastic piece it is. I assure you I will give it my close attention. I love it. Thank you for that.
I too have been known to fear Jesus in those around me for much of the same reasons, but also because I fear having to share too much of who I am as opposed to what I have. This is an excellent interpretation of this Bible lesson.
Thank you. It is always so very difficult to share our true inner selves, isn't it?
I love your honesty, and your always-willingness to question.
Thank you.
Very nice. Thank you for these thoughts.

As you know, I am a non-Christian who attends a Protestant Seminary which is in the process of becoming the first every Interfaith University. This question is brought up in every single one of my classes.

When I first came here, I was very, very nervous about being the only Pagan in a Christian school. However, I have been treated SO WELL here. I feel very blessed. And the love and caring that I have received from the other students has gone miles towards healing previous hurts. Love really is... always... the answer, no matter what the question is. Jesus was right.

Sermon over! :-)
Thank you. I am happy that you appear to have had the good fortune to find yourself in a true Christian community. May God be with you all as you work together.

Edited at 2013-04-24 18:34 (UTC)
I have, and I love it here, and it has truly changed my life, and my deepest desire is to take this message of love out with my to my own Unitarian Universalist ministry.