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Rags to Riches

rags 1I watched a TV programme on RTÉ  last night (Riches from Rags) which dealt with the huge problem we have in Ireland for the last few years of stealing clothes from charity collection banks. Thieves empty the clothes from charity collection banks in a very lucrative scheme that can earn them huge sums (millions) abroad. Brochures pretending to be from legitimate Charities are delivered to houses urging people to leave unwanted clothes in the clothes banks. Then, during the night, the banks across the country are broken into and the contents taken to secret sorting sheds near Dublin docks where they are put in containers and exported to places in mainland Europe. Recognized charities are being deprived of millions of euros by these fraudsters. The RTÉ TV documentary recorded the whole operation over a long period of time. Hopefully something will be done about the scam by the authorities and an end put to it and the perpetrators punished.


Much the same goes on here, sadly.

I now get round it by walking useable clothes or shoes we want to pass on down to one of the local charity shops and recyclable but no longer wearable stuff down to the nearest local council recycling point but we're lucky that those are ten minutes' walk away maximum.

And I make sure I use the crooks' bags to take it in!
As cmcmck said, it happens in the UK too. I only recycle good clothes that are now too big/small due to weight fluctuations or are of the, "What was I thinking when I bought that?" persuasion. These get taken to the Red Cross shop in town. Things like old t-shirts, vests and pants get turned into dusters and cleaning rags and used by me.