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Religion Can Be a Support

Sky Broadband is running what I think is a rather good ad on TV at the moment featuring Pierce Brosnan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzQD7DYNklQ

As I've noted before on these posts, Pierce is a relative of mine - my aunt was his grandmother - although I've never met or been in contact with him personally. It is only recently that I discovered that his Catholic faith is so important to him and has been a great source of support to him during difficult periods of his life.
He says "The Church and my own faith have always kept me in good counsel with my own days of turmoil and being adrift." His first wife, Cassandra Harris, died of ovarian cancer in 1991. Their son, Seán, was in a serious car crash in California in 2000 that he narrowly survived. His own father abandoned him when he was only 2 years old.

He maintains it is his faith that has enabled him to endure the suffering that he has encountered in his life.
"Faith enables me to do the work that I do and to endure the suffering that comes my way. For me it's essential. The Catholic Church in Navan was a big part of my life, being an altar boy and a choir boy." He says he still goes to church and attends Mass. "Faith is something that is mine and only mine. It's all mine, my faith, my prayer, my belief in God, my belief in humanity."

He also raises money for charitable causes through sales of his paintings. Prints of his works are given to a trust to benefit "environmental, children's and women's health charities and in 2007 he and his second wife donated $100,000 to help replace a playground on a Hawaiian island where they have a house.


I absolutely agree that religion can be a support. My late father in law, whom we cared for during his final 18 months with lung cancer, got the most comfort from attending Mass conducted in Latin, as it was when he was a child. Fortunately we still had one church in our region that did so. Personal beliefs and values can be very good things.