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Killianne Castle

While out for my afternoon walk yesterday I looked in on Killianne Castle a couple of miles outside Wexford. It is now a kind of farmhouse hotel. The complex comprises of a Norman tower house, a bawn and an early 17th century house. The tower house part of it was built around 1470 and is probably one of the “£10 castles”- a grant of £10 being given by King Henry VIII for the building of fortresses.

The present owners are slowly restoring what they can of the ruined tower house which is 50 ft high with walls over 4 ft thick. One of the original windows remains. The stairs in the east wall is well maintained and on the first floor there is a garderobe! Would you like to try it? The large bawn has a round tower on the south east corner and a square tower on the south west corner. The grounds include lawns, gardens and a golf driving range.

Killiane Castle 1


The tower house is rather fine although I think the Anglo Welsh Henry VIII (a Tudor, after all) would be puzzled to be described as 'Norman'!
Too true! Sure what does a few years make in Irish history?
Someday, I want to visit Ireland and the UK. So wonderful to have such old places all around. Here in N Florida, a house from 1850 is a wonder, and it is wood.
Why not come along? You'll be very welcome.
I'll bet it costs more than £10 to stay there today...
You can sing it!