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Corruption - in politics, church, finance, police, judiciary - has been rife in Ireland for a long, long time.  People have become more aware of this corruption in recent times and see it as a major problem especially because the ongoing financial crisis has had a deep impact on their lives.  The problem of corruption had become so widespread that people had begun to see it almost as a normal part of life.corruption

When Pope Francis was Archbishop in South America he spoke very strongly against corruption in general. Corruption, he said, is worse than any sin, even if they're intimately linked, because it hardens the heart against feeling shame or guilt.  He says a sinner expects forgiveness. The corrupt on the contrary don't because they feel they have not sinned. The corrupt has the face of someone trying to say "It wasn't me!"

Pope Francis continues; "Corruption, however, can never remain hidden forever; evidence of it eventually oozes out or bursts forth like all things that are forced to stay closed in or wrapped up too tightly within themselves." The sexual abuse of children has shown us that very clearly. Corruption isn't an instance of one singular act but represents a state of being, a culture that an individual or a whole society can get caught up in and accustomed to without realizing it. No one is immune to corruption; in fact "corruptio optimi, pessima"  as the old proverb said.