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The Kyne Icon

Sunday next, 5th May, is the feastday of Bl. Edmund Rice kyne_lrg
(1762 - 1844)

Desmond Kyne, the Irish Artist, is one of only a few who today practise a modern style of iconography.  His artistic protrayal of Edmund's Rice's life in glass has played a remarkable part in making Edmund's life known.

Edmund dominates the central icon panel. The artist is keen to show him as commanding, relaxed and intent. He is a person of strength and vision. His eyes are large, taking everything in and revealing his compassion and understanding.

He is very much a fatherly figure reaching out to marginalised youth. The significance of Mary, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the presence of suffering, and many other facets of Edmund's story are vividly portrayed. For details of icon see



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