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El Zorro

william lamportWexford celebrated the life and legend of Zorro last weekend.  Wexfordman William Lamport (1615–1659) is said to have been the inspiration for the Zorro stories and legends. He was in fact a real life "Zorro" - he was an international pirate, soldier and spy who lead a life of adventure as fantastic as any fictional tale.

The purpose of the local festival the other day was to celebrate cultural connections between Mexico and Ireland. The Mexican ambassador, Carlos Garcia de Alba Zepada, and the noted Mexican historian, Dr. Baracs were present. Lively Mexican music and street dancing with the Mexican Folklore Dance Troupe took place in Selskar Square. Our own Buí Bolg show was inspired by the Mexican artist Jose Gaudalupe Posada. There was also a photographic exhibition of Mexican life and culture.

Those who have read or seen films about El Zorro might like to check out this amazing real life fellow at:




Thank you for introducing me to Lamport. Such an interesting person!
thank you for the links