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Perpetual Motion

Best BallThe M7 is the motorway from Dublin to Limerick in Ireland which was opened in 1983. Where it by-passes the town of Naas in Co. Kildare there is a mod sculpture by Rachel Joynt called Perpetual Motion (1996). I love it.

The hollow, ferro-cement sphere is about 9 metres in diameter. Its colour and texture is similar to a road surface and the various road markings depicted are painted with a similar substance to that of actual roadmarkings. It is in keeping with, and not diminished by the scale of the site and works equally well from all angles but is most effective from some distance.

The road arrows suggest the movement of air water currents over the surface of a globe and follow the main flow of traffic towards Dublin, particularly along the turn off for Naas. This emphasises the town’s geographical position in relation to the motorway.

As a symbol of motion, a sphere of this size with roadmarkings acts as an impressive integrated celebration of travel and motorway design.  I think it appeals to a broad cross-section of road-users and is a lighthearted and distinctive landmark. When I see it I know I'm back on my own native heath.


How could anybody see that and not smile? :-)
What goes around, comes around...