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Space Minstrel

A Soyuz space capsule carrying a three-man international crew has landed safely in Kazakhstan last night after a three-and-a-half hour journey from the International Space Station after their five month stay. The boss is Commander Chris Hadfield. Although a Canadian, he has become very popular in Ireland for a couple of reasons: his daughter, Kirsten (26), is studying psychology in TCD in Dublin, and he sent many tweets and pictures to Ireland as the capsule passed over the country. On St. Patrick's Day he dressed in a green jumper, shirt and bow tie, sang 'Danny Boy'  and " said "Tá  Éire fíor álainn"  - "Ireland is very beautiful".

space11 space 10

space 21
Dublin at night from space


Himself has just arrived in Dublin on EU/Irish Presidency business as we speak! :o)
Welcome. Hope he has a lovely time, even if not summer.
Obviously he's big in Canada. One of our other (former) astronauts later got elected to Parliament. Not sure what Chris' future plans are. Glad he kept Ireland in the loop.