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'There are always other options'

DWKerry teenager Donal Walsh (16) was buried yesterday in Kerry after losing his four year battle with cancer. Donal had been a wonderfully active young chap involved in games and music when he was struck down with cancer. He had raised €50,000 for charity.

Saddened by the huge number of teenagers who were so pained by life that they committed suicide, he publicly appealed to young people not to end their lives. He told them that he had no choice in the matter but that there is always another way to cope. He wrote a letter on the subject which brought him to national prominence. Weeks before his death, Donal was interviewed by RTÉ TV and also recorded a message to be circulated in schools. I wonder will they listen.

Thousands turned out for his funeral yesterday in his home town in Kerry. What an inspiration this young man is. May he now find peace.


Having come close myself in my teens, I wish I could say it was that easy. Despair can be a killing thing- literally.

This young man, as he said, had no choice, but from where I sat at the time, it didn't feel as though I had either and finding help in those pre- intarwebz days was much less easy.

Then there are those who will condemn me because I found a way to cope and live a fulfilled life.

And that's when bigoted religious and sociopolitical groups need to take a long, hard look at themselves............
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