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10 Catechises on DVD

Barron3We live in a world that is very hostile toward religion of all kinds and Christians, some might argue, bear the brunt of this discrimination.

Last evening I attended another in a series of 10 video talks on Catholicism by Fr. Robert Barron being hosted by our local Franciscan Friary. Each presentation in the series is led by a different person who also responds to comments from the floor at the end of the presentation. Fr. Barron is a priest in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.

I find the presentations very thought-provoking and helpful in the living out of my Christianity and, apart from anything else, the photography is stunning.



In all honestly I don't experience this discrimination and I belong to one of the 'odder' protestant sects, making no secret of my faith, whilst managing to retain friends of all faiths and none.

I think the issue is that all too many Christian (and other religous groups) display far too much discrimination and prejudice towards those of other faiths or none and forget the most basic of all injunctions, to: 'love your neighbour as yourself'.

We sometimes need to examine our own privileges closely.
Yes I agree. We Catholics especially have abused our strong position (over 1 billion adherents)in the past. I think, and hope, we are, if slowly, learning our lesson.
i saw an interesting experiment for people who have notions about religious persecution the other day.

basically, print some identical shirts that simply say "christian" with a cross, "pagan" with a pentacle, "atheist" with a darwin fish, and "muslim" with a crescent. wear each on separate days, and write down the reactions you encounter.

(i plan to try this myself later this summer, when i will be in some neighborhoods with more people i don't already know :)
Good luck.
This image sums up my feelings on a range of issues (except that of eco-terrorist multinational corporations) http://inkslingerblog.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/coexist.jpg
I don't think the world is hostile to religion at all.
If anything, people have become obsessed with sectarian concerns once again and have lost the true teaching of all the religions.
The spirit of the holy wants us to be peaceful and find all others our brothers.
I think to claim one religion is the perfect way is to limit "God" or whatever one choses to call that power in men that breathes to the good.
"take first the mote from your own eye" People want to see themselves as oppressed and persecuted. Some may well be by exterior forces. But, blame does not strengthen.
I am, of course, in reaction to the situation here in the US where Christian groups want to force their opinions on all and claim to be being "persecuted".
I find that in my neck of the woods at least, people have become hostile to what they once professed. I would not use the word "persecuted" or "oppressed" and do not feel so.
You probably live in a very different world than I do. :)
The US is a very polyglot culture. We have a strong history of both religious diversity and religious persecution. It can make for very strange politics.

Recently Evangelical Protestant Churches and the Catholic Bishops have united for a common political front. (The church should stay out of politics) The young evangelicals no longer have the same political agenda. The majority of Catholic laity disagree with the bishops.
And our far right news media like to promote a "War on Christianity".

The small community I live in was once geographically isolated. It was also dominated by a few families. The church (Methodist) was the organizing organization. Hard times 50 years ago broke the community. People moved away. But the community became less isolated. Some new people moved in. There are still "church people" and old families but a much more open community.
Unfortunately the question of the availability of abortion or not has brought about again the 'politicising' of Church authorities.