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National Dawn Chorus Day

This year's Dawn Chorus Day in Ireland will take place tomorrow with events planned throughout the country.

The best time to hear the birds, of course, is in the twilight period just before the sun comes up. Birds sing throughout the day, so why not just listen to them then? I suppose that is a well-worth thing to do, but the most amazing thing about the period just before dawn, I'm told, is the sheer number of birds that are singing and the high volume of their songs.

Bird Watch Ireland have branches all over the country and will be holding guided dawn chorus events tomorrow. Here in Wexford we have the Evening Dusk Chorus on Forth Mountain at 8pm and at Tintern Abbey near Saltmills at 4.30am. This last will be followed by breakfast at Fethard-on-Sea. This event will be hosted in conjunction with the South Australia Branch of Birds Australia.

I'm afraid half-four in the morning is a bit early for me, so I'll be giving these formal meets a miss. However I might like to take part I'll have to make do with my own garden lot!  But they say you might think that you have a lot of birds in your garden or local park, but until you hear the dawn chorus you honestly have no idea how many are there.

Strange to say there is no officially recognised national bird of Ireland but I especially like the Blackbird, Robin, Wren and Thrush.

blackbird robinwren thrush


The dawn chorus is definitely more intense than birdsong later in the day. Though the evening chorus is pretty good too.

Why do I know this about the dawn chorus? Because at this time of year, all the tweetling wakes me around 5am!
Living in town as I do, I miss those lovely alarm-clocks.
The dawn chorus is truly a wonderful thing to hear. If you can make it up even just to listen at your window, you'll be richly rewarded.

The wren has such a huge voice for such a tiny bird.
We get a full blown dawn chorus as we have a small belt of woodland immediately behind the house.

We also have a pair of robins nesting in our garden- endearingly cheeky little birds! :o)