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It's over, thank God.

song contestThe European Song Contest is over for 2013, thank God! What expensive rubbish! It has been going on now for the last 57 years and still no end of it in sight.

In fact, Ireland has won it 7 times in all - more than any other country. What is that saying about us I wonder? And we have hosted the show 7 times. I understand that this time we ended up last. To add insult to injury it has been commentated on for RTÉ by Marty Whelan. Enough said!

It must be my age!


We didn't watch it. Charles and I watched a sci-fi DVD instead. John, of course, is still in hospital, so didn't see it either since he won't let us pay for him to have a TV.
I understand you did not miss much.
I wish that the UK would take it more seriously. I see we came last again. Over here they blame political voting, saying that each nation just votes for its neighbours, but the songs we keep entering are total rubbish and deserve to lose.

Perhaps it's just a cunning ploy to avoid winning and having to host the contest? I'm sure we could do better if we could enter as Wales instead of UK.

Also, for some reason, we always have an Irishman as our commentator. For years it was Terry Wogan, who I didn't like because he was unnecessarily rude about the competitors -- who then soundly beat us! At least Graham Norton seems to enjoy himself.
Thank heaven you have not got Marty Whelan - and RTÉ have him presenting Lyric FM (classical music) every morning!!!
PS I've just looked more carefully at the Eurovision page and saw that we didn't come last this time, that was you! The first list I saw was actually in alphabetical order, but I'm so used to us losing badly that I assumed that was the final result! :)
It must be my age!

It isn't.
You could move here, where no attention is paid to the European Song Contest at all. I was not even aware that it was happening. (Now, I am unaware of a lot of entertainment industry stuff, so maybe there are those who follow it here. But it isn't a big deal, for sure.)

I lived in London in the late 60's and one of those years, Britain actually won the contest. You'd have thought it was the Battle of Brittany all over.
It's not your age; good taste is not age-dependent, and the contest is rubbish.
I'm glad of that. I wonder do young people even like it?
It's not your age.

I don't understand the appeal at all.