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New Museum of Methodism

Wesley Chapel A new museum was opened in London yesterday. It is situated in the crypt of Wesley's Chapel in London and tells the story of Methodism and its enormous influence in Britain and the world. The Chapel's minister says that it is to the 70 million Methodists spread around the world what Canterbury Cathedral is to Anglicans and the Vatican is to Roman Catholics.

Methodism, perhaps, is best known for Charles Wesley's hundreds of hymns. While  I would not be a fan of his choices of music, I like his verse reflections and at this time those on the Holy Spirit in "Hymns and Prayers to the Trinity" in which he speaks of the personal indwelling of the Spirit, the sanctifying work of the Spirit, and our personal accountability to God.

“The Holy Ghost in part we know, For with us He resides, Our whole of good to Him we owe, Whom by His grace he guides, He doth our virtuous thoughts inspire, The evil he averts, And every seed of good desire, He planted in our hearts.”

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I have this weird relationship with Methodism... weird, because, I'm not, nor will I ever be, a Methodist. And yet, my destiny and theirs seem inexorably entwined.

I did my undergrad work at Syracuse University, which USED to be a Methodist school, but no longer is. However, there is still all this art on campus and these campus traditions dating back from when it was.

While I was there, I worked at 3 jobs. One of them was the Proctor for the Chapel. My boss was a Methodist Minister. Another was for the Protestant Campus Ministry. My boss was a UCC minister, but my PAYCHECK came from the United Methodist Church.

Quite unrelated, I came to THIS school, completely oblivious to the fact that it is, also, a traditionally Methodist college. I am surround by both Methodist students and teachers (even though the school is becoming more interfaith all of the time). And, I continue to work for Methodist minsters over at Pilgrim Place, where I do tech support.

I've never been Methodist, nor has anyone in my family ever been Methodist, yet they are a HUGE part of my life!
And obviously a fruitful part of it. I'm glad you appreciate it.
I do! The Methodists have been very good to me!
That would be an interesting place to visit if I was in London, but I'm not going to make a specific trip of it.

I've been associated with a Methodist church for over 18 years even though I'm not technically a member.
I must visit it myself next time I'm in London.