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Pope says we can learn from the Gauchos

Gaucho Pope Francis in his writings when Cardinal Bergoglio drew life lessons from Argentine cowboy culture. The traditional gaucho was the cowboy of Argentina's immense plains, herding cattle and living a simple, hard life far from family and close to nature.

Though a little rough around the edges, gauchos were generally known to be respectful, loyal, honest and proud, rooted to a code of ethics that valued work and solidarity. The hardworking horsemen who ranched cattle across the continent's southern grassy Pampas plain became a symbol of national pride in the region. The gaucho lives in harmony with nature, works with joy and skill, has fun with his friends, and lives simply and humanely surrounded by few material belongings. Cardinal Bergoglio high-lighted the fortitude and can-do attitude of the gaucho, who "takes his destiny into his own hands" with what little he has instead of pining for more or waiting for someone else to act.


i muchly admire the modern vaquero riding displays. youtube if curious.

does he have a not-so-overwhelmingly-macho example? women who wanted to live that lifestyle were forced to conceal their gender, which hardly seems wholesome, for its dishonesty.
Gosh. I found those vaquero displays wonderful. I'm afraid I'm a bit old to actually try it!

Maybe he couldn't find any of those women! Even today I don't think it would cross a Cardinal's mind to think in those terms.
glad you enjoyed!

a head of the church doesn't think of half the people?? that is a very sad statement of affairs. or are there more catholic men than women somehow, to whom he is addressing his thoughts?
Very interesting!
Lovely to see you back, Snowymelodie.
Thank you!