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Be Brief

boringHaving endured a long pointless sermon in Church yesterday I was reminded of the wise advice:

"If you can't say it in 2 mins, you can't say it."


Ha ha ha! Been there, suffered through that!
Another way of putting it is:

If you don't strike gold after 2 mins, stop digging!
Husband and I talk about this a lot. By our age, we've heard every sermon...and most could be concluded in five minutes.
Many preachers don't seem to realize that their congregations have been to school and are educated enough to understand and apply to themselves simple common passages of scripture.
Never gave a sermon, but did give enough speeches as a Commander in the Army Reserve. My rule was 3 minutes. My CSM (Command Sergeant Major, my senior enlisted advisor/right-hand man) used to sit in the front row with a stop watch and give me the eye if I were speaking to long. Fidel Castro, being a dictator, could get away with speaking for 3 hours, the rest of us should limit it to 3 minutes.
But will they ever learn?
That rather depends on whom "they" are. In my case, I did learn.
I meant mainly clergy and politicians, after-dinner speakers, etc.
Mostly no. After dinner speakers are p
aid to speak, and so feel obliged to do so. Politicians have too big an ego to shut up. As for clergy, I defer to your greater experience.