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Wexford Catholic Churches

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The Twin Catholic Churches of Wexford - at Bride Street and Rowe Street - with their distinctive spires were completed in 1858. Many small churches of different denominations have served the people of Wexford since the 12th century. The Franciscan Order of Preachers have had a Church in the town since the 13th century.

Here we see how close all three Catholic Churches are together.


Geographical. The "Twins" were born at the time of Catholic Emancipation so there was a certain "looking down" from the hill on all other religious buildings! The Franciscans however were always an independent lot.
in the US we have had ethnic parishes close to each other. Where I spent part of my childhood there was the "Irish Church", the "Polish Church" and the "Italian Church" all within a mile of each other.
What made there be three Catholic churches in a Irish town so close together?
The "Twins" have always formed one parish!

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That is a great photo
Yes, I like it. Taken by a small pocket camera. I have not seen that view of the churches before. I was taking a stroll when I noticed that particular angle.

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