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Isn't it well for some!

I have just heard that one of my nephews who now lives with his wife and family in Perth, WA., has started a well-deserved holiday in Seminyak, on the Island of Bali, Indonesia.

I wish them well and hope they enjoy every minute of their stay there.

The island has a population of about 4 million, is mainly Hindu in religion, and is well-known for its dances, sculpture, painting and music. It has everything a tourist would want.

I wonder will I ever have the opportunity to spend some time there? I doubt it now.


I  I  I   I wish them well.


The problem with long distance travel these days - you have to fly.
Airports, Air lines and the planes themselves are not happy places.
I vowed not to do it again.
There are many good and happy things I can do without flying.
I think you have put your finger on my real reason for not travelling.