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The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) in Australia

Ireland has a number of traditional games that are particular to itself, such as Hurling and Gaelic Football. Many Irish people have emigrated and have brought these games with them and developed them in other parts of the world. My nephew is very much involved in nurturing the GAA in Perth, WA. Later in the year he is taking a team to play in Sydney.

He is anxious to know if there is some place in Sydney, a college or similar, which could accommodate such a group (they are, of course, prepared to pay for such a facility). It will be during the Sept/Oct school holiday time. It must be within half an hour's drive from Ingleburn in the suburbs.

Maybe there is somebody out there who knows Sydney sufficiently well who could suggest suitable places?

Gaelic football hurling


I actually live within half an hour of Ingleburn, but they're not staying at my house!
But there will be only about 25 of them!!
There is a boarding school nearby (Hurlstone Agricultural High), but I really don't know enough about where to park sporting teams to say more. Perhaps the NSW GAA would know?
Thank you. I suppose they will have to get the Sydney GAA to prepare for their guests.
The closest uni campus is University of Western Sydney. They have accommodation: http://www.uwsvillage.com.au/campbelltown/location.html I just don't know if it's near enough for the team's purpose or if it would be available during the short break. It's worth inquiring and finding out if there's public transport linking the two areas, for anything closer to central Sydney would be a long, long train ride away.

On a related note, I have friends who went to Hurlstone, but that was a long time ago...