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This must be saying something.

Any suggestions?


Pope Francis loves nature?
Pope Francis is reminding us of the Holy Spirit?

Pope Francis is amusing himself and others in St. Peter's Square?
Pope Francis is liberating a caged bird?
Pope Francis is sending a message of love and peace to countries at war? . . . . .

Try this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faXyHAsfORo


"No, I said a white glove..."
going by the guy with the shouldercam, it's at least partly "pope francis has a photo op" -- was there any other sound/video from that fellow which would make the circumstances and message clearer?

one other thing i guess is "pope francis has a nice smile" :)
Pope Francis needs to go change into a clean cassock now? :-)
Pope Francis looks happy

Oh, it's obvious.

Jonathan Pryce recreates the 'Feed the Birds' scene from Mary Poppins.

Re: Oh, it's obvious.

Thanks all.