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The Same the World Over - Venus v. Mars

man woman

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er, do you, as a celibate man, really feel represented by this cartoon?

(as a non-celibate woman, i don't. my brain is mostly on horses, dogs, linguistics, sex, repair work, and science fiction :)
I can't help thinking that this cartoon belittles both genders.
"Why can't a woman be more like a man" - Rex Harrison (My Fair Lady,
Women give sex to get love; men give love to get sex.

Probably true. The 'giving' on the woman's part in that situation IS love. But there is no love on the man's part in this case. He is merely 'using' the woman to satisfy his own selfish pleasure. Love is ALWAYS an act of giving.
Sex is beautiful and natural. Both partners share and give. I don't buy into the idea that sex is dirty and sinful and shameful. The church really screwed up when it adopted that stance.
New book here in the US giving a new picture of female sexual desire.
I think the cartoon is using the same old same old canards. It demeans both men and women but that is to be expected of cartoons.
Of course it is. Cheer up. Life is too short.

Edited at 2013-06-19 15:50 (UTC)
Do you somehow think I am uncheerful? Really?
Because I expect more from humor?
Life is indeed short. That is why I settle for nothing but the best.