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Evie Hone (1894 – 1955)

On Saturday last 6 valuable paintings (out of a set of 14) by Evie Hone were stolen from a small Church in the west of Ireland. Evie Hone is more famous for her stained glass works such as her huge "My Four Green Fields" (representing the four provinces of Ireland),  or her "East Window" (in the College Chapel at Eton).

Her "Stations of the Cross" gouache studies in the little church in Kiltullagh, Co. Galway, were a gift from a private benefactor in 1945. The preliminary sketches of these 14 were sold at auction last year for over €40,000. Let's hope they are returned safely. They are of no great value on their own. The pictures stolen were nos. 3,4,5,10,11,12.

Stations of the Cross,  Evie Hone


Sadly, such things are often 'stolen to order' as they call it, by people working for wealthy types who seem to have no moral or social conscience these days.

I'm only amazed that they didn't take the lot. :o(
Strange that nobody suspected anything when the key to a sidedoor was "lost" the previous week!
That they took selected ones indicates they had a market and a buyer already. They were stolen "on order". Stolen art work is almost impossible to sell on the open market. Works are stolen on order, for ransom, or to be used as trade for drugs or arms or other material sold on the illegal markets.
Other items of a historical value have also been stolen from churches and monasteries, in recent times: crosses, old books, brass, plate, even tiles from roofs, etc.
Oh, that's a crying shame. I was about to say ' They're great, thanks for sharing,' and then I realised the true nature of the post...

Yes, it is a disgrace, isn't it. But that's the world we're living in unfortunately.
That's sad. I do not understand people like this. A whole community loses out.
I think it is particularly bad in a small quiet rural community.