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Our New Mayor

George LalorYesterday the Mayors of towns across Ireland, including Wexford, were selected for the coming year. Wexford has had Mayors since the 13th cent. We know their names from Walter Dene in 1369 to George Lalor yesterday. Many of the earlier Mayors and Burgesses were selected for life. The earliest Wexford charters extant are of the Earl of Pembroke, Aymer de Valence, in 1317 and amendments by Henry IV and Henry VII. They are housed in the Municipal Buildngs.

The wearing of a Mayor's Chain of office in Wexford apparently began in 1853. The Corporation agreed that the Chain be purchased and each year the new Mayor adds a link to the Chain with his name and his year of office engraved on that link. As well as the intrinsic value of the chain there is, of course, the rich historical memories attached to it.

In 1848 the modern Wexford Corporation obtained three maces that had been the old Corporation maces of the pre-Victorian era. The Sergeants of the Mace are the keepers of the peace. They also attend to the Mayor as a bearer of the Maces during ceremonial occasions.

George Lalor has been Mayor of Wexford before. He is a businessman and is an accomplished musician who often plays the organ at church services and other functions. We congratulate him on his selection and wish him well.


I wonder if it's the same Lalor family that gave Australia Peter Lalor, who was involved in the Eureka Stockade and then who became a politician? We even have a folksong about Peter Lalor...
I don't know about Peter Lalor but I've spent my evening reading and listening to Australian ballads from the blog: An Australian Folk Song A Day!
Thank you facing me in that direction.
The song is called "The Cross of the South."


New Mayor of Wexford - Hidden Talent?

George Lalor an Organist ? I think not . The nearest he'd get to the 'Keys" would be a walk on the Wexford Boardwalk.

Re: New Mayor of Wexford - Hidden Talent?

Sorry. It is Ger Lalor who is the organist! Maybe he might try politics? Thanks.