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Walking with Music

disc playerI love walking and try to get in at least 4 or 5 miles each day. I used carry a small radio with earphones with me but programmes in mid-afternoon are not very exciting! Recently I invested in a portable disc-player by Philips and am delighted that I can now listen to music by Mozart, Brahms, etc.  The only draw-back is that, when on a main road, traffic can be distracting. I therefore stick as far as I can to quieter roads.


Which Brahms pieces do you like? (I didn't know you could even buy disc-players anymore - ipods and mp3 players (and now phones!) seemed to have wiped them out.)
The Hungarian Dances and 1st Symphony.
Using a player probably shows my age!
Thanks! I'm gradually discovering the Brahms symphonies at the moment (I bought a box set and I've been working through them one by one). I do like that first symphony.
Agree with the quieter roads, but what I'll do sometimes is only put in 1 earpiece. That way I can keep the other ear open to hear what is happening in the environment.
A good idea.
I love audio books for walking with, and if it's a good bit of the book I get some extra exercise. Win all round.
fair dues to you. Enjoy your literary walks.