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I Enjoy Sculpture with my Music!

Yesterday I spoke about loving to listen to some classical music while out walking in the afternoons. While walking yesterday I called in to see the new (2010) County Council Offices near the hospital. It is a magnificent edifice on the verge of town. Of course it has not been fully paid for yet!
A 7ft high bronze sculpture, entitled 'Soltice', by the internationally renowned artist Rowan Gillespie has been donated to the people of Co. Wexford and has joined the County's already fine art collection. The donation of the specially commissioned sculpture was made by the Harrington and Goltz families who have a longstanding relationship with the county. This is 'Soltice' before intoduced to the Gallery.

imagesCAP8VQA2foyer co. council3


Sounds like a very cultured walk!
Sounds like a very cultured walk!