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brosnan's daughter CharlotteI extend my sympathies to Pierce Brosnan on the death of the daughter of his first wife Cassandra (from a previous relationship). Charlotte (42) died of ovarian cancer as did Cassandra herself (43) in 1991. She and her brother were adopted by Pierce and they took his name, Brosnan.

Although I have never met him, Pierce is the grandson of my aunt Jane Costello from a little place called Lea, outside Portarlington in Co. Laois, Ireland.  So I suppose we're some kind of cousins.


that poor man, to lose both a wife and a daughter so young :( i wonder if genetic testing and prophylactic surgery might at least have saved charlotte's life :(
I'm sure they would have looked into all that. It would not have been for want of money.
my mind keeps returning to this. genetic medicine isn't expensive, but it is rarely done as yet.
very sad, indeed.