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July 4

4 July4 July4 JulyGreetings to all my American friends.4 July
I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

That should give you plenty of scope!       


Thank you very much for your good wishes!
In my very rural piece of America there is none of the parades and celebration.
We will go to a friend's annual crab feast.
Thank you for the kind wishes. Even if I live in Canada these days, am still American.

I suspect, however, that millions of my countrymen will indeed do things you wouldn't, as you have chosen celibacy. Sadly, I will not be so indulging, as it is Nom's (my wonderful girlfriend) "time of month." No, not her menstrual period. She's a corporate accountant and doing month end reporting which means a 14-16 hour day today. Oh well, it's supposed to be about patriotism today.

Edited at 2013-07-04 14:32 (UTC)
lol I remember "book closing". The word stopped revolving.
I'll be visiting Bob in the Veteran's Hospital. He hasn't slept for a week. Thanks for the good wishes.
Dear Warriorsavant, I tried to reply to you but this is LJ.
I'm sureyou'll make up for it.
Somehow got your reply. Thanks.
Can you believe those crazy Americans gave up the chance to be British?
Greetings from Philadelphia, cradle of liberty and location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. We celebrate the Fourth of July for two full weeks here -- we call it "Welcome America."
Nothing says Celebrate American Independence like drinking beer and playing with explosives!
I don't know about drinking beer, but explosives??

(That is actually what they are, you know)