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I Am Still Confused

Most comments on my post yesterday about abortion based their argument on a woman's rights over her own body. The main problem in the present proposed law on abortion in Ireland centres on the question of the pregnant woman threatening suicide. And recently the highest court in the land has refused a very ill woman permission to have an assisted suicide legally. Where does this leave a woman's right to do what she likes with her own body?


Still another area that we are tying to deal with culturally.
A few states here in the US are facing the need for legislation dealing with end of life issues.
Medically assisted end of life is becoming a possibility.
I have had two friends who refused "extraordinary treatment" than insured their moving toward death was not prolonged. The medical profession can not force treatment upon a person if the person is capable of making decisions or has left instructions about their wishes.
The next step is seeking medical intervention that speeds the dying procedure.
Here the issue is making sure it is the intention of the patient.

It is moving from a theocentric culture which denied the person control of their destiny to a culture that sees the person as sovereign.
It leaves us (well, me anyway) campaigning for the right to die at a time of our own choosing when life has terminally lost its savour. As you know, my much loved Mother in Law slipped away gently at the grand age of 92 last year, but sadly, it doesn't happen that way for all of us.

I've written what is known as a 'living will' which tells people what I want to happen if I can no longer take those decisions for myself- no resuscitation if there in no hope of recovery and so on.

It's a different issue, but it some ways, part of the same issue of wishing to have control over one's own life and one's own body, something which for certain personal reasons, I feel very strongly about- there were all too many people who claimed to know my body better than I knew it myself.

It's hard to me to talk about this theme especially in English. But when I hear about "a woman's rights over her own body" I have just one question: what about the child's body?
There's an ongoing discussion about this on another recent post of our friend's here.

Most of the people he chooses to friend are pro choice.
I'm all for the right to end your own life when and where you choose, so long as you are mentally capable.
it leaves women still fighting for basic human dignity.

I wrote quite a long response, but deleted it. This is an issue I feel strongly about, having watched my mother suffer and die piecemeal over sixteen years with Alzheimer's. It was a death I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and there was no humanity or dignity in her existence, only deep pain, the swallow reflex and breathing reflex, for over a decade.I believe there need to be serious checks, to ensure the right to die with dignity is not abused for gain, but I believe and hope that one day this dignity can be granted to those who truly need it.
It's a step closer to the end goal, nothing more. Because it seems that those with the power to say yes and no can't just give people their basic rights, but must make them work harder for it than they ever did.
when abortion or suicide is the choice, one saves a life and one doesn't. it is wrong to pressure women into such false dichotomies.

in other words, garbage in -> garbage out.
The issue of suicide with regard to whether or not to make abortion legal seems like a red herring to me. However, in the case of the terminally ill or the very elderly, I am broadly in favour of letting people make their own decision as to when they have had enough. In this case both men and women should have the right to end their own lives.