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Sun, Sand, and Children

In keeping with the wonderful weather we're having at present and, perhaps, with my recent posts, may I share the following cartoon with you.

computer gag


Grin :o)

A friend of mine is due to complete that downloading pretty much any day now! :o)
May it be a joyous experience for all concerned.
With all the advances in technology, one would think they could upgrade and speed up that operating system.
Instead of shortening it crudely!
Nice touch (especially in light of all the comments on your last post).
better software and availability is needed to prevent uploading problems.
I wonder does the Duchess of Cambridge know much about computers?
a case of compulsory pregnancy. But she knew what she was getting into.
The classic Heir and Spare. At least she doesn't have to keep doing it till "we get a he".
But royals can afford as many as they want.