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Questions, Questions

truthIn his encyclical last week PopeFrancis/Benedict XVI poses two questions that surely must be at the core of our understanding of the meaning of all human life: What is Truth? What is Faith? Or are they the same thing?

What is Truth?  - what we are told by the scientist?

What is Faith? - knowledge? superstition?


Truth is something with strong evidence and therefore a high probability.

'Truth' and 'fact' needs further distinctions, as I was clumsily saying in my comment way below.

Perhaps the only 'truth' we can be sure of, is tautology. Euclid's statements about lines and circles and planes are true or false because of how the elements were defined in the first place. 'Zygote is a child' is that kind of 'truth', for those who accept a certain system of definitions.

A truth -- fact? -- based on evidence and probability, is quite different.
I, personally, see no difference between 'truth' and 'fact'. If a 'truth' is based on faith or emotion alone, it cannot be 'true'.