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Beautiful Garden

Yesterday, as I do every Sunday, I spent the afternoon at my brother's place. It was a glorious sunny afternoon and I delighted in admiring his well-tended garden.

"Once more I wander
in a beautiful garden
amid pretty rosebuds
of delicate pink... "     Joyce Hemsley

Peter's Garden 1 Peter's Garden 5

Peter's Garden 9 Peter's Garden 6

Peter's Garden 8 Peter's Garden 13


Looks as if the whole Atlantic Archipelago has been getting this stunning weather! Glorious again here today too. :o)
What a lovely place -- and yes, the day too.

Not like here ... 100 degrees or as good as.

That IS a beautiful garden!
Lovely photos, he has a beautiful garden :)
That is a beautiful garden.
Thank you all. He is very proud of it.