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st_anthony_mosaicI see that a relic of St Anthony of Padua will be coming to Britain and Ireland in Oct/Nov this year to mark the 750th anniversary of the discovery of the saint’s remains by St Bonaventure in 1263.

So far this year St Anthony’s relics have visited New York, California, Chicago, Canada and South Australia. The saint is particularly invoked in cases where things have been lost or sought. Devotion to him is very popular in Ireland. I often see houses called 'St Anthony' after a family has been looking for and praying to St Anthony for their 'ideal' home for a long time.

Relics are venerated in many religions and, indeed, in many social groupings.  There is nothing superstitious about relics. It is love that is the real meaning of the relic. It is a link of love between you and that person. Every family preserves such relics of loved ones who have long since died or departed.


Nice town, Padua.

I knew he was the patron saint of things lost but is he not also that of lost causes?

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I hope I'll never need him for that!
thought lost causes were St Jude?
Probably a lot of other Saints could identify with the problem.
I suppose when one is in trouble one will draw on any side where help might be found. I think St Jude looks after those where there is no hope at all for their predicament.
You may well be right!

I guess we all have our pet lost causes. :o)
When the Buddha died and was cremated his ashes were divided and distributed to Buddhist communities. Each small casket of ash had a stupa built over it and became a religious site. In the last century one of these stupas was discovered and the casket recovered. It travels around the world these days as an object of veneration.
Isn't that very interesting. I was not aware of that.
relics - many are probably spurious, some are creepy
But if it makes someone happy what is the harm
Aunt Mabel's antiques are probably bogus too.
Yes, the love is real.
Yes- some of the 'incorrupt' look like wax dolls which is probably what they are, although courtesy of the nuns in Montefalco in Umbria, I did once see the body of Santa Chiara da Montefalco and she is undoubtedly genuine- I came face to face with a little old mediaeval lady who had a fiersome reputation for putting male senior religious and even popes right in her day! :o)
I think there are many nuns who have been known to do that!

The body of Blessed Edmund Rice is still venerated in his original school foundation in Mount Sion in Waterford.

And that is the important thing, Seaivy.

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I completely understand how you feel about relics.