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Painting & Opera

Next weekend Wexford holds it Annual International En Plein Air Painting Festival. Participants will include beginners and professionals. The weekend will include lectures, classes, exhibitions, and in situ painting. Each year the Festival is a great success. With the wonderful weather we are enjoying it should be especially good.

In October, Wexford holds an Annual International Opera Festival which presents three short unknown or seldom staged works. This year it will stage: Il Capello - di Pagliano di Firenze (Nino Rota/Ernesta Rinaldi), Therese/La Navarraise (Jules Massenet), and Cristina di Svezia (Giovanni Casanova). Each year the Opera House plants a tree in a grove in the town for every opera staged.

Last year self-taught Keith Thompson combined both of these events in the water-colour, Grove, painted in situ.

Grove Keith Thompson


Beautiful painting!
wonderful painting. I do some watercolor, but I have never tried it outside.
The opera festival sounds like a lot of fun - and what a great idea to plant a tree for each opera!
Yes, they are very keen on opera here. A few years ago they completed a fantastic new opera house but the recession has hit them and I understand they are in financial trouble.
wonderful cultural activities and fantastic tying them together!
I love the idea of planting a grove.
My Arts Council is in the process of planning our first Plien Air. This is a small rural county. We have only two population centers and each has only approximately 2,000 people. They are also in opposite ends of the county. There are many challenges in making it a county event.
That sounds like tremendous fun.
I'm an opera buff and those really must be obscure as the only one I've heard of is the one by Nino Rota!
That has been their policy all along. I don't know where they find them.
I love that painting. Does he sell prints of it?

Keith Thompson art

That is simply gorgeous!