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Summer must have arrived!

700_hqThe BBC (Magazine Monitor) today is complaining about Nick Clegg removing his shoes in the office as the heat gets to him. It asks if this is acceptable?

I see that Tesco, especially in outlets near the beach, is also fighting back against the curse of half-naked, sweaty, and smelly shoppers, and asking customers to cover-up while browsing in the aisles.



Every store in America that I've ever been in has a sign, "no shirt, no shoes, no service", or something similar.
But you always have the sun!
People are not normally tempted to shop in a state of undress in the UK. We'd end up with hypothermia if we did, even in July. :)

It's been 7 years since we had a hot summer like this and it's taken everyone by surprise and hence unprepared.