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Let us: "Go and do likewise" (Lk. 10:37)

1. Man gives his own shoes to poor woman in Rio.
3. Female runner was tired out and would finish last.
    Male runner helped her over the line and came last himself.


free cleaning

last in race
free meal


nice. very nice!
Yes it is. Thank you.
THIS is what Jesus taught us.
It surely is - but how many of us do?
It's good to see uplifting things now and then. Thank you!
Yes. I gives one a lift. There are so many depressing things happening.
I don't know what it's like elsewhere, but here in the U.S., great lip service is paid to Christian values, but very little actual practice. It's good to see these acts of virtue. Thanks for posting.
I'm afraid it seems to be a problem with all of us.