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Ironing and Folding for Dummies

I'm a bachelor who has been 'doing my laundry' all my life and so I have become a expert at it by now. But I am often asked by others to show them how to iron and fold a shirt  or a trousers - no later than a few minutes ago!. Rather than give them a demonstration myself I refer them to these short videos:





It's amazing to me how many men can't do laundry or other simple household chores.
When my eldest joined the army the very first letter I got back from him was "Thanks Mum for teaching me how to iron, and expecting me to be able to take care of my own things. I get my ironing done way quicker than than everyone else, so I get a bit extra free time!"
I'm afraid Mums don't do that any more.
What was it navy types used to say?:

'First the collar, then the cuffs, then the front and that's enough' :o)
Surely not.
I suppose the average matelot was wearing the shirt under a uniform! :o)