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Do I Love, or do I Like?

last in raceHow we have debased that wonderful word 'love'. Nowadays we 'love' sweets, we 'love' TV, we 'love' rugby, we 'love' sex. We don't actually 'love' any of these trite things, we possibly 'like' them.

As I understand it, loving is a decision I make, not a feeling I have. Liking something or someone is basically self-centred whereas loving is always outgoing, placing the interest of the other first. A mother loves her child, she likes chocolate.

The female runner in the photo is suffering and is destined to come in last. The male, a stranger, has been doing fairly well but while others pass, he waits to help her over the line before himself. I think that is love in action.


i pretty much agree, though i try to be pretty generous with what i call "love". i love my mother. i love my cousin. i love my dog. i love the feeling of understanding something for the first time, and i love teaching when i can help that to happen for somebody else. i love my spouse. i love moonlight. i love the harold parker state forest.

i like chocolate. i like the feel of freshly-laundered sheets. i like sledding. i like irises, silky wormwood, and wild-mushroom hunting. i like swimming in the ocean.

i loathe television. :)

i think everyone's list is different, and i don't think any of them are debased. another thing i love is descriptive linguistics, whereas i loathe proscriptive linguistics :)
with only a very few exceptions I, too, LOATH television!

As for love/like It's just words.
Latin makes distinctions between amour and caritas.
It is action that counts no matter what word one uses.
An old friend once wrote music and these words
"God is love and he who abides in love abides in God and God in him"
No matter what name/word one uses for "God" the sentiment remains.
To abide in love is to be filled with a spirit of peace and joy
To abide is an action verb. One must give love by actions.
So may it be.
But words and their meanings are important. I like my girlfriend because she allows me to use her body to pleasure myself. But is that the same thing as loving her?
Huum didn't know you had a girl friend. lol
Could be love. How doe she feel?
These days love has various form. Mutual pleasure with no obligations is one of them.
Not my preference but
Words define the way people want to define them.
No, I do not have a girlfriend. Just using an example.
Like how you put that. Love is an action, too. Words are words. Actions speak louder.
This is why the Greeks had different words for love.

Agape means love in a spiritual sense. What you are describing with the runners would be agape.

Eros is love in a physical sense... love for a lover... possibly love for chocolate.

Philia is love in an intellectual sense. This would be the virtuous love that a priest might have for his brother priests.

Storge is the love in the natural sense... as the love we feel for our children.

BTW, knowing this sometimes makes reading the New Testament interesting, and sometimes seeing which word for love is being used where changes the meanings of certain passages.
lol been there done that
Love is a many splendored thing
I philia that the Greeks had these. It makes me agape reading the New Testament all the more.
The many traditional words used does make the concept (and indeed the act) very difficult to come to grips with.