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Me and TV

TVI have a TV in my bedroom/study. Why, I don't know, because I seldom watch it. I would be interested in it mainly for the evening news programme and that I normally watch in the Common Room where there is company and a large screen.

Occasionally, when I need to be amused, I watch an episode from some of the old and popular BBC sit-com series such as Only Fools and Horses, The Vicar of Dibley, Dad's Army, Yes Minister, The Good Life, One Foot in the Grave, or Keeping Up Apparances.

For the most part I feel bored by TV and find what is being poured out at one is pure drivel.

For music I use a disc-player, or a small portable radio if I'm walking.


'For the most part I feel bored by TV'

Sounds familiar. We both watch the odd nature programme and the saturday evening folk music from BBC Alba if we're home and he watches the occasional bit of sport and that's about it.

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I'm going over to Connemara next week where there will no TV even if I did want it.
It's odd that when we travel abroad, hotel rooms invariably have TVs which we might switch on to get the local news one evening and that'll be about it. I never read papers at home but read them voraciously in French or Italian.

My old friend the C of E vicar, Alice, has no TV and has never owned one.
No good cooking shows over there?
I believe that there are in fact quite good cookery shows but that would certainly not be my dish.
Mostly 'celebrity chefs' (both UK and Irish) from which heaven preserve us!
See, I'm not interested in music, but in the spoken word. I listen to Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra, and watch documentaries, some quiz shows (Only Connect - wow!) and get my drama from DVD.

But I grew up watching TV, and the result of this is a massive DVD collection of TV drama and documentaries, as well as films.
So you're fixed for the dark nights of winter?
Actually, there are too many DVDs and not enough time...
i don't have a teevee and never have, though i have sometimes lived with others who did.
Do you feel you might have missed something?
i'm sure i have! but the world is full of opportunities, the vast majority of which we miss; i doubt i'm missing a disproportionate amount for this lack.
I dislike most 'made for tv' stuff (except of course Steed and Peel ;-). But old BBC movies and such from Netflix are great. (And Downton Abbey!)
our public television is mainly stocked with British imports.
I have been a great fan of Inspector Mores and Inspector Lewis. Lovely atmospheric Oxford and I like the character development of the title characters.
I recognized most of the ones you named.

We have some very good produced for tv dramas on the pay channels. And we have a great deal of dreck. We have a satellite dish. Necessary on an island. For the maybe half dozen positive channels we have endless dreck.
I have a friend (and he's not young) who sits every evening watching an American series called "Cops"!!!

I never heard the word 'dreck' before, but that programme must surely qualify as 'dreck'.
Yes, "Cops" is horrible, but it's very popular. I really don't know why.

My wife enjoys television, but I don't watch it much. I like movies, but the satellite package we have rarely shows any movies I want to see. My tastes lie toward independent film, but the content providers usually air the guaranteed Hollywood blockbusters, which I think are boring and predictable.
If "she who must be obeyed" likes programmes there is nothing you can do but have patience!
You said a mouthful!