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Some Practical Tips

I was reading the other day an article from the Psychological Society of Ireland who are celebrating their 40th anniversary. It offers some 40 tips on how to be more content in life. Some of the basics (the article elaborates on each) include:

Look after your basic needs first: Eat and sleep.logo
Listen to your body and use your breathing.
Happiness does not require money.
Laugh and remember laughs.
Try to find something to be grateful for.
Get active.
Drink alcohol responsibly and in moderation.
Engage in meaningful, creative activities.
Do what you love/like.
See fun as a priority not an indulgence.
Lose yourself, sense of time, etc.
Don't let a little anxiety stand in your way.
Set yourself realistic goals.
Avoid conversations about weight and appearance.

The article continues with advice on one's Daily Routine (Home. School, Work), Children, Tough Times, etc.

See the lot at: http://www.psihq.ie/files/UserFiles/PSI%2040%20Tips%20Flyer%200511%20Web%20.pdf


Mostly pretty good commonsense not requiring a psychologist to inform us of the obvious benefits, but I wonder how our psychological friends would deal with the sheer amount of psychological pressure those of us of the female persuasion are placed under with regard to that last one?
Too true. Even the nuns are feeling it now.
I can believe it, although I can't imagine my old Franciscan pal, Suor Deodata (Now promoted to a senior position in Assisi from Foligno) being easily swayed! :o)

Edited at 2013-07-26 17:25 (UTC)
Yup. Even at my progressive school, this is a problem. I was once told by one of the managers in the library where I work that I had to start dressing up more for my shifts. She actually said "men can get away with 'that' [whatever 'that' was that I was doing that she objected to] but women can't".

I considered filing a formal sexism complaint on the spot, but I decided that there was more for me to gain by not. However, when I leave, in my exit interview, I am going to talk about this to the administration and let them know that this is totally unacceptable.
I'm with you in that. More power to you.