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Life as a Spiritual Journey

I was reading Lesley Garner (Everything I've ever done that worked) recently in which she writes of one's life as a spiritual journey. She says that she wasn't in the habit of thinking of her life in that way. She saw her life merely as a constantly updated cv. - born here, lived there, met those people: or as a doctor's notes - had measles, broke an ankle, had pregnancies. Yes, but with moments of 'spiritual' experience occasionally slotted in.  Reflecting on this was an eye-opener for her. Could so many elements of her daily life prove to have a spiritual dimension? Could these experiences add up to a journey? This, she realized, was now immensely important to her. It made her look at her life in a completely new light.

Whatever God was to her in the past she experienced out in the fields, in the woods, by the sea, or listening to certain pieces of music. Was this why she often saw much of her life as barren. Where during her busy career were the moments of quietness and nourishment? She now saw that her spiritual life was nourished and expressed through three main strands - music, art, nature, and creative expression generally.

She discovered that meaning and happiness do not lie in wealth, status and possessions. For some they may lie in a mainstream religious practice, but that was not for her. She advises us to try to write the story of our life as a spiritual journey and we will see where our heart really lies.


There's a great deal worth reading in Sri Upenised.